Welcome to Enixus

Open your horizons, take a broader perspective.

Enixus is the consultancy of award winning author, speaker and business games developer Richard Newton. Enixus works with organizations to deliver their strategic visions, making them a reliable operational reality.

We look at delivery from a holistic perspective, bringing together many aspects of leadership and organizational thinking. We understand the difference between creating deliverables, and developing sustained, value-added change. We also understand the difference between a training course and real capability development.

We avoid standardised solutions. Enixus approaches programs and change relative context of your organization. We will work with you to find the most appropriate way to deliver given your circumstances, capabilities, constraints and opportunities.

Our aim is to assist you in developing sustainable and repeatable capabilities in projects and change. All Enixus engagements seek to add value to clients beyond delivering the requirements of the specific engagement. We want to leave our clients with enhanced capabilities for future initiatives. Our aim is to never create a dependency, but to build self-sufficiency in the client.

Enixus was founded in 2004.

More information on Richard’s writing and books can be found at www.changinghats.co.uk

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