Business Games

Go further, test your project management skills and understanding with Unlock: Project Management, the first business game from Enixus Development Limited.

Richard’s consultancy Enixus teamed up with award winning games developer Totem Learning to develop Unlock: Project Management. It is a project management game which builds on the contents of Richard’s books – most specifically Project Management Step-by- Step.

Unlock: Project Management immerses players in a realistic project scenario to develop the skill to think like Project Managers. Covering project management tasks including dealing with stakeholders scoping, planning, issue management, risk management, progress management, reporting and balancing contending needs Unlock: Project Management provides a realistic project management experience that will build skills quickly.

Unlock: Project Management uses a high pressure project scenario. A disaster has decimated the island ‘Catelayo’. People need help, quickly. The player is tasked with providing quick-to- build, low cost shelter for the effected population. Using the tools described in this book will you deliver in budget and on time? Will you avoid the pitfalls along the way? Will you satisfy your stakeholders?

Contact Enixus for more information on the game. To buy the associated book go to

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